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Leadership Development Training


There is no more b2b or b2c its h2h; human to human

We at Human Training Consultants, have been helping people realise their true potential in the professional world. We do this by partnering with individuals and organisations to bridge the skill-gaps between knowledge and application. We specialise in Leadership Development Training, Sales Training, Management Consulting and personalized Coaching

practices in development of Sales,Culture and Leadership in organisations


This wing deals with the best practices in development of Sales, Culture and Leadership in organisations

leadership development program leadership training and development


Here we look after the development journeys of individuals who are wanting to make a mark in the professional world

leadership development consultant

Discover New ways of doing things

A little change in the way things are done can bring about immense improvement in the outcome. Small successes can spur humans to greater achievement.

leadership development training

Going the extra mile

It is said that no human being is aware of their own potential. Training provides the development needed to explore the vast untapped potential in individuals and organisations

management and Leadership development training leadership development training consultants

The flywheel effect

When humans start to believe in themselves, they stretch to achieve the unimaginable. It's just a matter of time then when individuals become stars and organisations become the best places to work.


Our clients speak for us

“The Trainer from from Human Training Consultants is excellent at coaching and mentoring.”

- Training delivery and establishing connect with target group is matchable.
- Post training effectiveness check methods and support is excellent.
- Program organized by Human Training Consultants is "Value for money".
Dharamvir ​ Manager, Human Resource Honda Cars India Ltd

“Since we’ve been delivering training in sales through Human Training, our people have come back to us asking for more. The energy levels are higher now ”

Deepak Shewani, Managing Director, Mupro India Pvt. Ltd.

“The culture development design initiatives by Human Training Consultants has enabled our seniors in the organisation to get closer to their own people. Earlier 'open communication' was considered a risk, but not any more”

Sahil Khan, Sr-Executive, Human Resource Department, BHEL

“I have become much more confident at my presentations to management. This is solely due to the efforts of my coach from Human Training”

Abhishek Choudhary, ISB Hyderabad Aspirant

“The non-judgemetal attitude and acceptance of my coach helped me in openly sharing my concers. I hope many more people are helped similarly by all the people at Human Training Consultants”

Sunitha Murthy, Student of Music based learning

“The Leadership Programme was very informative, knowledgeable and definitely helped us in understanding situations in a more positive manner.”

Amandeep Singh, Senior Zonal Manager, Emcure Pharmaceuticals

“Questionnaires used during the leadership programme were very distinct and interesting.”

Rafik Patil,AGM, Emcure Pharmaceuticals

“Effectiveness of the Coach from Human Training Consultants on a workshop on Develop People and Teams was commendable would rate them as 4.92 out of 5.”

Saurabh Gupta, Manager – Human Resources,Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd

“The Trainer from Human Training comes with a lot of positivity energy, programs are meaningful and are very much in line with the business objective and personally appreciate his audience handling skills.”

Abhishek Uppal,Learning and Development manager, Merino Laminates

“Program on Winning Together facilitated by Mr Varun Harnal was activity based and made it unique among others and by this technique our learning capacity also increased.”

Human Resource Deptt, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited,(BHEL) Bhopal

“Content was very informative to all. The activities were market relevant and thought provoking.”

N.Sriram, Service Stream Leader- India & SAARC, Ingersoll Rand Climate Solutions Pvt Ltd,

“The Team from Human Training Consultants succinctly brought out the issues and the way forward, to tackle the persisting issues.”

Mr R.D. Choudhury,ED/HR, CEL,Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), India

“. I liked the application of Leadership styles to various situations.”

Ravi Krishnamurthy, Zonal Business Manager, Abbott Healthcare

“Games made the topics very interesting.”

Rajinder Malik, Attended the Leadership programme facilitated by Mr Varun Harnal, Zonal Business Manager,Abbott Healthcare

“Outstanding faculty with innovative delivery approach..”

Rekha Bharadwaj, General Manager, Human Resource Development Institute, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)Noida

Meet Our

Our founder is a consultant, coach and trainer and continues to offer his services under the banner of Human Training Consultants since the brand inception. He was born in India and has received global certifications to further his work in the training and development field. He has been mentoring individuals on career progression and goal achievement. He is also an author specializing in relationship management. He is a theatre artist and has keen interest in music and arts. Click below to view his complete profile.

Varun Harnal